Real Food…Really Good

Cooking Classes

Erase all of your cooking fears…I encourage licking your fingers, sprinkling salt with your eyes closed and tossing a drizzle of olive oil on just for kicks!!

Let’s make cooking an event, something special and fun.  These classes encourage you to connect with your friends and family while enjoying the fruits of your labor…yes, we eat everything we cook!

Book your class today!!!


1. Pick a house…yes, I come to you!

2. Invite your friends

3. Smile and laugh!!!  Food always tastes better when you smile!

4. Cook, Connect and Eat.

Menus are based on the season to provide you with the most delicious and wholesome ingredients.   These classes provide great information, instruction and the confidence to take on your inner chef.

Meals in Minutes

$65 per person

Your friends are in the neighborhood, late night at work, soccer game went into overtime!!!!  Putting together dinner in minutes is easy, painless and a little adventurous!

Leave Room for Dessert!

$65 per person

From mastering soufflés to rolling truffles to the perfect pie crust, this class demystifies your baking worries.

Couples Cooking – Date Night!

$150 per couple

Who says cooking can’t be sexy!  Get ready to eat, chat and…um…cook!

Skinny Dipping

$65 per person

I am taking some of your “love handle” favorites and trimming them down so you can continue to fit into your skinny jeans.

One Pot Wonders

$65 per person

One pot.  Full bellies.  Lots of smiles.  Oh, and did I mention, very little clean up!

Breakfast Bonanza

$65 per person

Perfect pancakes, sexy smoothies, buttery biscuits and the smell of warm maple syrup dripping from the air!

Hey Mambo, Mambo Italiano

$65 per person

Let’s take a trip to a place where the tomatoes are always fresh and the wine is always flowing.  Simple Italian classics!


$65 per guy

Just for dudes!  Whether he needs to impress her or is doing anything to keep her.   This is a class that teaches men the basics of the way to a woman’s heart.

Kids Cooking Classes

$45 per child

Designed for kids 6 years and older!  Making food fun and exciting is a great way for your kids to eat their vegetables!  Perfect for Birthday Parties!


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